Thursday, October 14, 2010

If it feels good... DO IT !!

Has been a bit since I posted.. have been in a fatigued stupor. Chatting with an old friend I decided to start taking anti-fungal herbs again. Magically.. in about 2 weeks...I am starting to feel better.
I exercised twice today.. had a decent day at work.. and spun the kids around on my shoulders a few times thus far today.. amazing.
My diet has been low fat vegan for 2010 - high raw (80%+)...
I have no idea why the fungus still exists .. but it does. I will continue with the diet and herbs until I am better.
Obviously .. something has not healed fully... but am making progress. The last time I started the herbs.. it almost killed me (classic die off symptoms - herxheimer? reaction)... this time was no big deal.. took a couple of weeks to start feeling better... like magic.
I literally went from a fogged stupor sleeping 12 hours a day with naps if possible... to feeling better than I have since I was last on the herbs in 2 weeks. I was contemplating quitting my job and all sorts of nonsense.. getting really depressed...etc...
I am as idealistic as the next person.. but I also have to live and support my family...
For those out there trying the LFRV diet to resolve a fatigue issue.. it WORKS.. and it may work
much quicker with some herbal assistance !
All the best,