Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 96/192 hours complete !!!

Monday May31 - Happy Memorial Day

0700 - 144lbs
Urine pH < 5.5
Tongue - heavy white coating

I do not feel so well this am - the sinus are plugged - coughing a bit - and feel congested and tired. The fast is performing it's magic !! I will have to sleep this off !! Whatta great rest this has been thus far... am half way there !!

Upon scraping my tongue this am... I can taste salt.. it is quite strong ! Better out than in ... ;~)

Was in a FOG all day today.. heavy elimination.. just could not think. I set my book down.. 10 minutes later.. spent
10 minutes looking for it.... arghhh... kinda Dopey !!

I am feeling a bit stronger now... but not much... man.. did I NEED THIS !!

Happy Healing.... RD.

2010 Water Fast - 72/192 hours complete !!!

Sunday - May30

0700 - 146lbs
Urine pH < 5.5
Tongue - heavy white coating - a bit yellow when scraped

I felt pretty good during the night - sleep was a bit scattered.. but was sleeping deeply this am. I feel a bit better
this am - but still quite toxic feeling.

Am noting a lower back ache in the kidney area. I am drinking ~ 2 quarts of water per day - judging from the weight loss
this is not enough. I will try to drink more today.

Still working to complete Fuhrman's Fasting book... I started Bragg's fasting book last pm as well. I have read Shelton's
book on fasting some time ago.. I know he says the back pain is normal.

I also feel some slight pain in the right ankle area - I sprained this ankle a couple of months ago... hopefully it is being attended to.

Today will bring more of the same - lots of rest, skin brushing, a bit of sunshine and fresh air.

Experienced some sneezing and coughing - it would appear my sinus' and lungs need some work ? I did smoke in the past and also had a lot of sinus issues (infections...etc..)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 48/192 hours complete !!!

Whatta day today... the fatigue continued today.. but I was quite a bit less tolerant of anything... ;~) pretty GRUMPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the stats for today...

Saturday - May29

0700 - 149 lbs
Urine pH = 7.2
Tongue - heavy white coating

I feel tired this am. Did not sleep through the night as I was napping yesterday afternoon. My skin looks decent.
Shaved with soap today - Quick shower with vigorous skin brushing. Sun bath - forgot to mention yesterday - 10 mins
each side @0900.

I plan to read and rest today... (and everyday)... performing some brief (1 min max) rebounding sessions to keep the lymph moving.

I have noticed the urine pH is in decline.. I think this means I am switching into Ketosis....

All the best folks - happy healing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 24/192 hours complete !!!

Well folks... 1 day in the books... I had to work today.. which helped to pass the time... Since I'm planning on 8 days.. I thought the dwarfs may be appropriate to help tell the tale.....

Today.. SLEEPY... gets the nod... I am a bit of the others as well.. but WOW.. tired....

Here is the log.....


1800 - finished last meal. 3 Blended Mangoes + 6 squash with tomato sauce


0700 - 153 lbs
Urine pH = 7.4
Tongue - lightly coated - slightly yellow when scraped

I feel light this am after a relatively low calorie dinner last evening. Had a small BM. Sleep was very deep. Have to work today... otherwise would still be sleeping. Spent a couple of minutes on the rebounder. Shower brief - vigorous skin brushing.. then rinse. Shaved with no soap - brushed teeth with only water. Breath is already foul.

1500 - luckily was able to leave work early today to get a jump on the holiday weekend... !! I laid down for 20 minutes.. almost slipped into a COMA !! WOW.. I have been needing this rest.. the body was calling for it.. I need to deliver and give it what it needs... NOTHING !!

Starting to read Fuhrman's fasting and eating for health... looks like it will be a very enjoyable

On to day 2..... will sleepy reign supreme again tomorrow ???

All the best folks - happy healing.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

My 2010 Water Fast is on !!

I am planning on drinking distilled water for the next 8 days... am really looking forward to a new level of health !!

Today... I had my normal watermelon bfast, followed by bananas and celery for lunch, blended mangoes this pm.. then mowed the lawn while my wife prepared a delicious "squash spaghetti".. with a wonderful tomato sauce ... GOD it was good !!!

I do not want to accept anything less than 8 days on this water fast... thus plan on having some veg juice (diluted with water) this same time next Friday.... will then have veg juice again to begin Saturday, followed by blended melon. I will continue with juicy fruits and veg juice all day Saturday... eating as much as my stomach feels comfortable with (taking care to eat slowly). Sunday will be similar fare... likely consuming more volume.

Monday - I plan to be back on my 811RV plan....

I expect to feel quite tired and toxic.... and not sure on the recovery as I have not fasted this long on water before... but have been and will continue to rest as much as I can through this healing journey. Also planning to keep a daily log - weight, tongue condition, assessment of how I slept and feel/look, along with any symptoms.....

I wish all of you the best.... !!!

Happy Healing,


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looking Ahead


I have had a good year thus far.. and it's about to get even better!

My health is on the mend - although my energy has not returned.. and tolerance for exercise remains relatively low... I am "cleaning out" and feeling a bit better as time goes by.

I will be water fasting over the holiday... I have next week off to rest!

Cannot wait to get started and jettison my current level of health.

I plan to track my weight, condition of the tongue, urine pH, and general observations about how I feel (energy level, symptoms..etc) along with the amount of water I consume.

That's all for now folks - Happy Healing!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vitality - Is Ehret Correct ?

I believe I have validated the Ehret Vitality Formula.. once again (V=P-O).

As most of you know, I am in transition to 100% LFRV. It seems after a period of several weeks (especially if I fast or skip a meal) my vitality is lowered. I feel weak,brain fog, mild headache, tired, cold... your classic detox like symptoms... cannot get enough sleep.. and sleep will not be as deep at times as I need.

Last evening.. we were ALL feeling this way and decided to have some steamed vegs and legumes. My dinner consisted of a large salad with 1 cup of pinto beans and some frozen peas (thawed) followed by 1lb of steamed broccoli.

Almost like a light switch... BAMMO... I could feel a surge in my vitality and this AM I do feel so much better !!

The healing power of the body and a LFRV diet/fasting are quite impressive... but it seems there is a compromise of vitality vs. speed of detoxification that I must weigh during this transition. I can ill afford too low a vitality at work.. I need to perform well.

This has been one heck of an interesting trip thus far.. I can tell ya that !!

Looking forward to the rest of the healing journey.... and best wishes to those on a healing path !!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Nick should be off to first grade !!!


Today is a great day ! Our son Nick is affected by Autism Syndrome (he's toxic with poor digestion). He could barely talk when we entered him in school this spring.

He has been 90+% raw this past year... and was moved from the special ed class to regular Kindergarten.. he is reading, counting.. and his speech continues to improve.

Progress has been slow.. but steady... we received word from the teacher today.. he will be moving to first grade !!!

Folks ...a raw low fat vegan diet works ! We are now a very high raw vegan family... (every now and again we have steamed vegs)...our diet consists almost entirely of fruits... and tender leafy greens (lettuce, baby spinach, mixed greens, and celery).

My kids are healing, my wife is losing weight, and I am on the mend....

Remember - true health is earned. You must have fresh air, pure water, sunshine, exercise and proper diet to succeed.... (patience does not hurt either).

We are truly blessed to have found this lifestyle... and be influenced by a sincere group of folks...

Thanks all .. and bless you !!

Eat to Live !!