Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 Weeks - 42 Days - LFRV - Same Old Song and Dance

Six weeks on the 811rv !!! Whoohoo !!!

I feel about the same.. I have some good days and some "not so good" days... the detox type symptoms continue (mild headache, fatigue, brain fog, cold hands - most prominent).

I have noticed the skin that is just over the top my fingernails (at the top - back of the hand) seems to be peeling off... quite interesting.

The great news is my cravings for SAD have been minimal.. and I am 6 weeks closer to boundless energy and health .. poised to take the spring season by storm !!

I have transitioned to mono eating almost exclusively... except for an occasional smoothie (2-3 per week) and my dinner salads.

My weight is holding between 150 - 155lbs @ 5'11".

I measured urine pH a few times lately in the am... it is always 7.3 that is good news.. I am in the "healing zone".

Today's menu was as follows:

0900 - 10 soaked dried figs + 4 apples
1200 - 9 bananas
1500 - 1.5 Pineapples
1800 - 2 mangos + salad with lettuce, mixed greens, spinach, cucumber, celery, grated carrot and lemon juice

I know the best is yet to come... cannot forget I just had that dental procedure 2 weeks ago... it will take some time to recover from that.

I hope you all make today and your future better...

Eat Well,


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 37 - The Best Sleep Yet

It was 60F here in Dallas last evening - beautiful sleeping weather. With the window open I turned the heat off & nestled in under several blankets clad in boxer shorts and a hoodie.....@ 8:30pm.

12 hours later... (excluding a couple of pee breaks) I awoke as one of our boys climbed into bed with us.

I do not recall a sleep that deep in my adult life ! I am a bit exhilarated this am.... my body is calling for rest right now... that 12 hours is "just what the Dr. ordered !"

I highly recommend a cracked window in the bedroom at night... I used to do this even in upstate NY where I grew up.. nothing like deep breathing that fresh air and waking to the distinguished scent of morning freshness.

Everyone out there get your rest, fresh air, and make today one of your BEST !!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

5 Weeks - 35 Days - LFRV - The Fog is Lifting

I am 5 weeks into my first real 100 day challenge. The tooth extraction 2 weeks ago seems to have set me back a bit.. but the fog in my head is lifting a bit today !!

I am experiencing a white coated tongue in the am, general fatigue, head fogginess, and sometimes a bit of a headache.. but NOTHING like last week!

I do feel stronger today - am looking forward to my strength starting to climb again.

An invasive medical procedure (even a tooth extraction) is quite the shock to the body. I must remain patient and let the healing unfold at its own pace... being sure to provide enough fruit, water, greens, sunshine, fresh air to aid the process.

My diet is now very consistent. I will have overts 2 days, 1 day off. Am eating ~2600 calories per day - more mono fruit now - less green smoothies - have incorporated a large salad for dinner - it seems to cleanse my palate & ready me for fruit in the AM.... !!!

A typical daily meal plan for me is as follows....

  • 10 dried soaked figs
  • 4 apples (30 minutes later)
  • 8 bananas
  • 6 oranges
  • 2 pears blended with strawberries (frozen)
  • large salad (30-60 minutes later - romaine, spinach, mixed greens, celery, tomato & avocado OR shredded carrots, sometimes cucumber - with a lemon half squeezed over the top)
I have the carrots on the non-overt days.

My digestion is improving. When consuming the green smoothies before... I was having some problems. Mono eating is taking care of that.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Doc Hudson all better now"

Sweeter words have not been heard !! Our son Nick (autistic) just ran into the room to get me...

Dad..."Da Huson faww off da bed" ... and urged me to follow him...

I asked him what had fallen off the bed?

"Da huson"... (still puzzled.... began looking around the room)...

I looked under the bed to find this little car - Doc Hudson - from the movie Cars.....

Ah Ha !!!!

As I returned to the family room - I heard Nick exclaim... "Da Huson all better now"....

Many of you may know that Nick did not utter a single word until last spring.. and his ability to interact was poor (coincidentally we started transitioning to raw foods in Nov. '08).

The situation described above used to manifest itself with an "autistic meltdown".. whereby Nick would cry, yell, flap his hands and run on his toes.... you had really no idea what was the matter.

He has a long ways yet to go... but watching him heal and improve is nothing short of magical... we are committed to help him achieve his very best.

Blessings all - make a good one !!

Friday, January 15, 2010

4 Weeks - 28 Days LFRV - Paying the Piper

This has been a week I will not soon forget. Wednesday... I thought I would cease during the evening. I could not breathe, then sinus was clear, suffocating, then half relief. My head was absolutely pounding, and I was cold enough to shiver.

I seem to be coming out of it now... but experienced the following symptoms this week:
  • Dry itchy patches of skin on my hands
  • Nausea
  • Burning post defication
  • Excessive urination
  • Severe Chills
  • Fever
  • Powdery residue on left food around toe nails
  • Aches/Pains
  • Foggy Head
I cannot be sure this was prompted by the dental procedure, 4 weeks on this diet, or both? Likely the later.

I feel like I have paid the piper this week... 4 sure.

On the positive side I did manage to miss only 1 day of work, am starting to eat mono meals, and the weather is a bit warmer - allowing us to open the windows a bit more.

Eating mono fruit is easier for me if I consume a VERY LARGE salad in the evening.... thus far.. I have been using only lemon juice as the dressing.... it seems very refreshing to me and just what the Dr. ordered after consuming fruit all day.

I believe I may get called to see the piper again, but do believe it is part of the transition - likely am going just a bit fast - but am determined to 'make this stick'...

Best Wishes All... Make a Great One !

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Down and Out

This AM I could barely raise my head from the pillow. Aches, pains, stuffed sinus, then clear...etc.. I called in sick to work and have eaten little today.... just resting.

This gives me time to catch up with our little pooch (Lexy) - she likes to sleep with me.

I do feel a bit better than this morning now (~1pm)... let's see what tomorrow brings !!

All part of the process - I have to be patient and get past the "post dental procedure blues"... I was expecting this ... got a dose of it last time as well.

Make your day... the best it can be !!!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 25 - Skull Crusher

Today is Day25 contiguous on LFRV. I am developing quite the headache. I have to assume more cleansing. Cannot forget I just had the dental procedure last week and the poisons will be on the way out.

I will try to drink a bit more water and rest all I can.

I do believe this is well worth the effort.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dental Poison

It seems the novocaine and whatever other toxic substances the dentist squirted into my head are being released into my blood stream.

I feel a bit groggy... otherwise not doing to bad.

When we run on cleaner fuel - I believe the "bad stuff" is escorted much more readily from the body. A couple of years ago - I would not have felt much different this week.

My bowels, liver, lungs and kidneys do seem to be working much more optimally than previous.

Even in this newly weakened state (that I hope will pass this week) - I was able to climb the 9 flights of stairs at work - 2 steps at a time.. and recover in a few minutes. I am not in great shape - but am getting stronger.

Keep your motor running clean... consume the fuel we are designed to run on... fruits, greens, and some nuts/seeds, and you will be well on your way to building a new body.... 1 cell at a time.

Blessings all - may you make today the best day ever !!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

1 week's provisions - a formula for healing

Folks may be surprised at the volume of food required when they first start consuming it "naked" (fruits, greens, nuts/seeds).

RawMom just came back from the grocery store - we should be about set for 5-7 days.

125 bananas, 90 oranges, 20 grapefruit, 4 pineapple, 40 apples, 2 cantaloupe, 3 mango, 5 lbs frozen berries, 1 lb dates, 1lb dried figs, 2 bunches celery, 6 heads romaine, 2 bunches kale, 3 lbs of baby spinach, 1 lb almonds, 10 avocados, and 5 lbs of carrots.

It is not uncommon for wild animals to consume 20-40% if their own body weight in food each day. Naked food contains much more water and fiber than the SAD - a much larger volume is needed.

Our family consumes ~ 15-20 lbs of fruit per day and 3-4 lbs of greens & vegetables. We easily consume more fresh fruits and vegetables in a week than we used to in 1 year. The nutritional necessity for healing is being provided on a continual basis.

Consider pumping up the volume of "naked" food you consume and start upon your own path to healing today - it is never too late to start living.

Friday, January 8, 2010

3 weeks LFRV - Light at the end of the tunnel

21 Days on the 811RV and I feel like I have learned and accomplished quite a bit on my path to health.

My energy is improved, my outlook on life is brighter, and my temperament is much less fickle. We just moved a chair back into our living room... both of us struggled to carry it before x-mas. This time .. once through the tight doorway.. I was able to carry it alone... not a real "strong man demonstration".. but certainly a sign that I am on the right track.

A very important lesson I have learned is consuming enough fruit to satiate your daily requirements is paramount to be successful on this diet! If you do not feel well - increase your caloric intake by a few hundred for a couple of weeks... see what happens. I was told this by several people and I read the same on multiple forums and I finally started utilizing nutridiary and settled into a more successful routine.

I also managed to get the very last bit of "bad dental work" outta my mouth. IMO - you do not want a dead tooth, or any metal in your body. From the very moment the dentist started to work the tooth out I have felt better. I experienced almost no pain during this episode (other than those darn novocaine shots) and am already starting to feel pretty well (24 hours later).

Eating a bit more has also encouraged additional body movement. I feel like moving more (it IS JUST like the BOOK SAYS) !!

If you are struggling - consume a bit more... and really consider getting any foreign material outta your body (may not be an easy decision... mine was a tough one.. I debated for months).... and you will be on your way to a healthier, happier, longer life.

Best Wishes ALL !


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Award from Berry Boy !!

10 things that make Nick, Seth, RawMom & Dad Happy:

1. RM&D - Healthy Boys !
2. Nick - is happy to tell us he loves us...
3. Seth - Mommy!
4. Nick - Drawing anything!
5. Seth - Bananas !
6. Nick - Apples !
7. RM - Strawberries & Oranges !
8. RD - Green Smoothies !
9. All - Smiling Faces !
10. RM&D - Massages & Warm Weather !

It seems the list can run on for some time ... LOL.

We do have a lot to be thankful for... Thx Berry Boy for helping us appreciate it a bit more!

Root Canaled Tooth extracted today

I now have no metal fillings or root canals in my mouth. This final extraction (the 4th of 4) seems to have gone quite well. I am in virtually no pain after resting earlier this afternoon. I felt good enough to attend a funeral service - although was a bit concerned about seepage... (ewwww!!)...

It may be my imagination - but the moment the tooth started to be loosen for removal - I started to feel better. I can breathe easier ! Hopefully this trend will continue !

Upon completion of the procedure the dentist noticed the root tip of the tooth was black. He showed it to me - indeed - very dark. He mentioned to never have seen that before. I cannot be sure at this point why it may be - but am sure I am better off without a blackening tooth root in my head ??

Do not overlook "dental nightmares" as a source of your anguish - it may be something to consider.

Best Wishes to all seeking health.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Close to 3 weeks contiguous on this diet and after eating ~95% raw last year and I find myself less tolerant of violent behavior. Today one of the guys at work just had to show me a youtube video of some guy attempting to burn up his car tires before he took it in to get the tires replaced.

The young man proceeded to rev the motor and drop the clutch ... only to find the clutch slipped and the pressure plate broke into pieces.. striking one witness and another coming through the floor boards and hitting his leg, another piece was projected through the firewall into the bottom of the dashboard!

This fella and those watching could have been seriously injured.

A couple of years ago... I would have certainly found this quite entertaining, and likely yukked it up with the rest of the guys... all I could muster this time was "that was not too smart - he's lucky no one was killed"....

Is this my age showing... or a reflection of the absence of animal foods in the diet and a less toxic body ??

Likely a little of both..... and I am most pleased with the changes thus far.



LFRV - Day19 - Tooth out tomorrow

Today is day19 on my latest 811RV stretch. I have been eating more and exercised a bit harder on Monday. I slept very soundly last pm - did not want to get outta bed this am - but do not feel badly right now.

I have been keeping my caloric intake @ 2600+ calories. My weight initially started to go up - but has since leveled between 150-155.

Tommorrow @ 1030 I will be getting my last root canaled tooth extracted. It is in the top front - I am a bit anxious. Will I be able to talk OK - how much will it hurt - how will it look ? I had 3 out on the bottom front last year - and really like the results.

I injured the teeth way back in the 4th grade - I was playing in the snow and slipped - smashing my teeth into some poor girls head ! It snapped my top front tooth half off... and apparently the trauma damaged the lower ones (as I would find out when they abcessed 10 years later).

I have had several root canals performed on these 4 teeth.. and the last time they were worked on - the dentist ground them off below the gums - installed a steel post and mounted porcelain crowns on them. I cannot be sure - but do believe the teeth have been contributing to my health issues over the years - I want them out !!

81 more days to go for my first 100 consecutive living the 811RV lifestyle - I feel like hope and new found health are just on the horizon!!

Have a great day !!!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

The Terrible Two - Healing

Nick (left) and Seth were both diagnosed with Autism syndrome @ ~ 3 yrs of age.

Nick is affected more dramatically than Seth and was unable to talk at all until this spring (5 years old) and actively stimulates himself by flapping his hands, yelling and running on his toes. Seth has garbled speech and does not seem to interact as well as the other children his age. Both looked sickly, seemed to suffer from allergies, and were not physically strong.

We read a myriad of material on the subject and discovered they were likely suffering from digestive issues and heavy metal poisoning.

Tests confirmed the aforementioned and 20 months of treatment followed (GFCF, Candida, SCD, BED diets all tried - coupled with huge doses of prescription meds and various supplements) - little progress was made (OATS testing confirmed it). We then underwent the first chelation therapy (to purge heavy metals - a chemical is given via IV) - watching 2 nurses and my wife try to hold the boys down 1 by 1 as they repeatedly stuck them with needles was more than I could stand to watch. We began looking for alternatives.

On the way out of the office the Dr. did prescribed yet another antibiotic for the kids as the both had a nasty dose of bacteria in their guts (Clostridium difficile) and warned me about the severity of their infection.

I began looking around the web and chanced across a blog from a lady who had cured herself of Candida overgrowth eating mono fruit. I managed to contact her and began stalking a curezone forum or 2.

Since it was most difficult to believe fruit could heal a dysbiosis issue... I decided to go first (I too was diagnosed with dysbiosis).. and be on fruit only - MONO... see how it goes.

In 2 weeks time I seemed to be getting somewhat better. We did not administer any more prescription medication as recommended by the Dr. We decided at that time to convert to the Raw Diet - fruit based.

Within 1 month we took them back to the Dr to review test results once again. He first asked what we had been doing... of course we asked why..?? Reviewing the test results - they had made great progress - their guts were mending !! We told him we had implemented a fruit based raw vegan diet. He praised us - commenting that he would join us if his wife would do it and also remarked that we would never be sick again... !! (wow).. at this point - we knew we were on the right track... and have not been back to the Dr.

We have waivered a bit over the past year - allowing the kids some cooked vegs and 1 or 2 indulgences at a B-Day party.. but that was it. We have noticed even the cooked vegs seem to adversely affect them.

This year - we hope to keep them all raw ~ 20% fat and hopefully watch some miracles unfold.

Nick is beginning to come out of the autism fog a bit - is talking more and more. Seth has his moments but is doing better than before. Both are stronger - their faces look flush and healthy.

We see "interesting" potty on occasion - a sign the bad stuff is coming out.

Our challenge is to keep them on the raw diet - hoping to let them experience how to love food that loves them back.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Was I Starving ?

I started to monitor my diet more closely ~ 3 weeks ago using nutridiary. I was only consuming 1600-2000 calories per day.

I would hate to think I have been starving myself for the past year...? :~(

I am 5'11" ... ~ 155 lbs and moderately active. I am going to start consuming 2600+ calories per day.

Yesterday I had 3200 and feel stronger today.

Here is what today will look like.. the fruit and exercises will vary day to day... but this is fairly consistent with my new plan.

I walked 6 miles, always play with the kids, and rebounded for 20 minutes (total). I plan to get back to the gym prior to summer.

4 big apples w/ 1/2 head lettuce in a smoothie

4 dates

9 bananas w/1/2 bunch spinach in a smoothie

1 papaya (not sure of weight - am guessing ~ 1.5 lbs)

6 oranges and 1 romaine heart, 2-3 celery stalks

20-25 "raw" soaked almonds

Adds up to 2600 calories.... 86/8/6 ratio....

Like many before me... I failed to appreciate the warning associated with consuming enough food.

I am really looking forward to some lasting energy !!!