Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fire and Ice

Yesterday was interesting. In my quest to recover from fatigue - I am eating more.

Yesterday was 3K+ calories - raw all day with a cooked low fat vegan dinner. I will also be sure to drink 2-3L of water daily and sleep a minimum of 10 hours.

After breakfast (10 bananas + 7 dates blended) - I felt full - and my hands/body really heated up.... my head continued to be in a fog.. and energy/ambition was not great.... however.. when I did something.. I had plenty of gas/power??

I repaired a sprinkler - this requires digging a hole in the TX clay soil... no fun. I went through that TX gumbo like a hot knife through butter ! I helped paint, cleaned the patio, back washed the pool, mowed the lawn....took a nap after lunch... (~ 1 hour)...

Last PM after dinner... i collapsed and was soundly asleep before 7pm.... after 12 hours of slumber (nice and deep).. I feel a bit better today.

Rode my bike hard this am (my legs are feeling it), did pushups, situps, curls, rows - followed with a breakfast of 6 soaked dates, 10 bananas, am now having a salad after my shower... I can feel my body heating up again.

Conclusions? Too early at this point to tell .. had some power and energy.. brain fog was persistent and I needed a LOT of sleep.. my intuition leads me to believe this is quite positive at this point... will continue my 3K+ journey... today will be all raw...

All the best - RD.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well.... the folks at 30BAD (and my own recent experimentation) have convinced me to eat more.

We recently vacationed in Florida where I consistently consumed 3K+ calories per day. I do feel stronger. 50% was cooked - but clearly there does seem to be a correlation.

I ran each morning (about a mile) and exercised (pushups, situps, etc). What I have noticed the most is my body temperature is higher, and I have a bit more energy. My brain fog persists - I am really anxious to get that behind me as well.

Yesterday was my first 100% raw commitment to 3K+... it went fairly well. I ran/exercised this AM and followed with a 10 banana + 7 date scrumptious smoothie... and I am quite warm now.... energy is moderate.

I slept 10+ hours - need to ensure I continue this trend & also drank ~ 2 liters of water so far today (amazingly.. my mouth is dry now.. likely a result of the salt I consumed while on vacation)... will consume 2 liters per day minimum.

All for now folks - keep fighting the good fight - together we will get stronger.