Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our very first fruit tree !!

We are really pressed for space .. but managed to shoe horn a Turkish Fig tree in behind the pool.... you have to look VERY closely.. but there ~ 6 figs on it !!

It sits in the western sun.. which is very hot.. will see how it does !!

Cannot wait to try one of the figs ! LOL...

This will be a LOT of fun some day.. when we are growing our own...

I did just discover a few neighbors with peach trees... I will have to ask them if they need help eating them !!

All the best folks.... and happy healing.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Re-feeding after the water fast

Friday June4 - Refeeding Day 1

0800 - 141 lbs (a gain of 2 lbs)
Urine pH = 6.4
Tongue coated

I feel pretty good this am. Did not sleep that well last pm. My energy is decent. Had a juice followed
by watermelon for breakfast this am. I am not eating much - will continue to increase the volume.

Rebounded for 5 mins prior to bfast - very invigorating.

The food plan for the day is melon and juice.. water and honeydew types. My strength is continuing to grow.
I cleaned up a few things around the house this am.. I plan to take a nap after lunch... likely eating 2 melons this aft - gotta
get the calories up.

Made the kids some cooked pinto's last pm - served over salad... I had to try some... they were good and seemed to digest

Saturday - June5 - Re-feeding Day2

0800 - 144 lbs (a gain of 3 lbs)
Urine pH = 7.2
Tongue Coated

I experienced quite a bit of coughing and sneezing last pm... hacked up a bit of mucus from the lungs. I slept like
a stone... did not want to get up this am !

Now that I am up.. I feel pretty good - except for a dull headache. Time to get our new Waterwise9000 water distiller
fired up !

Good Raw AM today.. had melons for b'fast (honeydew and water) and a large banana smoothie for lunch (6 banana with celery
and spinach).

We then enjoyed a thick split pea soup for dinner.. with a lot of carrots, celery and some onion.. along with wild rice
and steamed vegetables - it was very good.. and the kids enjoyed it thoroughly.

Happy healing all - RD

Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 168/168 hours complete !!!

Thursday - June3

0800 - 139 lbs
Urine pH <5.5
Tongue Heavily coated

I am dropping more weight than I expected... but on a positive note... means I was still quite toxic.. better out than in.

Was stapled to the bed this am.. WOW.. the fast is really eliminating at this point. Started to have "food dreams" last pm.. then fell into a deep restful sleep... ~ 10 hours.. got up this AM finally... skin brush shower.. then 30 min sun bath.. back
to bed for a deep hour's rest.

It seems I experience a day or 2 of feeling bad... (sinus plugs up, am irratable, back hurts (esp left side) do not sleep really well.. THEN.. DEEP sleep.. and I wake feeling a huge fatigue - but after intense sleep I am a bit stronger.

Today is day 7.. I am hoping to end on the positive side.. but if not.. am sure the juice and watermelon I have will not disrupt the detoxification 2 badly.. I do want to come out of the ketonic state and recover my alkalinity. Hopefully the aggressive juicing I have planned will accomplish just that.

This afternoon I feel pretty good!! Went to the grocery store after some local honeydew melons... WOW.. they are the sweetest smelling melons I have ever selected!

I also noticed a mucus like substance in my urine... GOD knows what is coming out... ??

I have decided to break the fast today... 3 reasons:

1. The honeydews.. cannot wait !!
2. Fasting veterans advised me to break while feeling good - reduces recovery time
3. Allows and addition re-feeding day prior to returning to work
4. I'm happy and another day .. I'm outta dwarfs !

Am very pleased with this experience... I feel I have learned quite a bit. Breaking sooner than originally planned is not too disappointing.. I am elated with the process and very happy to end on a positive note !

All the best - happy healing.

2010 Water Fast - 144/192 hours complete !!!

Wednesday - June2

0800 - 142 lbs
Urine pH <5.5
Tongue Heavily coated

Did not sleep well last pm... was congested. Started to sleep really deeply this am .. and napping today has been a

I did not care for people this am...certainly was working to avoid all contact... kinda Bashful I guess..?

Salt taste in the mouth continues - my nerve energy is building...2.25 days left at this point. I really hope most
of this clears out before the fast ends.

I have been planning my breakfast.. and re-feeding... it will go something like this...


1800 - Juice (2 carrots with stems, 1/2 green apple, 2-4 stalk celery, a slice of red cabbage, fresh mint)
1830 - Watermelon - enough to move the bowels - no more than 2 slices hopefully


Juice upon waking
Alternate juice and melon each hour - ensuring I consume a minimum of 64 oz of juice


Back on the 811RV diet !!! (with juice added)

0800 (or upon waking) - juice
0900 - watermelon
1130 - juice
1200 - bananas + large salad with fig dressing (dehydrated soaked figs blended with celery and a jalepeno)
1500 - mangoes + large salad with mango/tomato/celery dressing

After a few days of this diet...will add in some nuts on occasion... or avocado.

My assimilation should be improved after this diet.. my weight should be back to 155 in no time...

I will attempt to document the first few days of re-feeding as this is important to note for future reference.

Happy Healing folks - RD.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 120/192 hours complete !!!

Tuesday - June1

0800 - 142 lbs
Urine pH < 5.5
Tongue heavy white coating

WOW.. Day5 is really "BRINGING IT". I can feel the cleansing ongoing. I have slept all evening and this AM pretty
much straight through. I can taste a lot of salt in my mouth.

Today I rested quite a bit... building nerve energy. I am stronger as a result. Began to really embrace the fast... contemplating life's mysteries... kinda "Doc-like"....

Have noticed a couple of moles that I have are getting smaller. I feel a bit congested.. a touch of mucus in the lungs
and my sinus has cleared at times.. but remains mostly blocked.

Will be careful to give this ol' body what it needs most today... plenty of distilled water and REST....I am really
starting to believe in the water fast ... what could be better for a fatigued soul ?

I made the kids a GREAT salad prior to their marshal arts class... the dressing was soaked dried apricots blended chunky with plenty of celery apple and carrots. The salad itself was chopped lettuce and spinach... all topped/garnished with chopped celery and carrots... I should have taken a picture !!! I never saw 2 kids devour a salad like that before !! I will experiment with adding a hot pepper to the dressing... am sure they will like that one.. esp in the colder months.

Have a great evening all....

Happy Healing - RD.