Saturday, July 31, 2010

Low Fat Vegans

We decided to start incorporating some cooked food into our diets.

All has been working out well. In general - we eat fruit for breakfast (or green smoothies) - some days we have a salad and cooked vegs for lunch - other days - raw is it.

This decision is quite personal and was driven by my need to travel for work - and the well being/contentment of the family - along with social pressures.

Low fat vegan allows us a great deal of flexibility.

I recenty travelled to Montreal for work - and was able to do just fine as a LFV. Steak houses are your best friend - you can always get baked potatoes, steamed vegs, and a salad.

Minimizing grain consumption (IMO) is a very wise decision - and be sure to eat salads and plenty of vegetables.

The diet is very healthy and we seem to be getting a bit stronger on it.

Slow and steady wins the race !! 'Cept for pizza 4X this year... we have been vegan... and are recovering lost health.

All for now & I wish everyone the BEST !!!