Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Well - I'm on day 2 of another juice diet.   I have been sleeping 16 hours per day - WOW.   Thinking that something "broke" with the recent passing of my father.... I miss him dearly.

I hope to continue this into mid June - will then travel to N. California to water fast at True North.

Commitment (in the form of leave from work) of time has been made.... I need to live in the moment and execute.

Water fasting at home is much too difficult for me... and frankly I believe it can be dangerous.

I have a pint of juice every 2 hours.... 1 orange or grapefruit (only if no OJ available) ... then a veggie  juice (alternating).... 6 juices per day total.    I have not lost any weight at this time - likely due to the huge amount of sleep I have been needing.

I feel better at this moment than I have for the past 2 days... a positive sign.

My thoughts are all over the place... hopefully the solid food absence induced cleansing will bring much needed clarity/focus.

Happy Healing Folks - RD.