Saturday, July 31, 2010

Low Fat Vegans

We decided to start incorporating some cooked food into our diets.

All has been working out well. In general - we eat fruit for breakfast (or green smoothies) - some days we have a salad and cooked vegs for lunch - other days - raw is it.

This decision is quite personal and was driven by my need to travel for work - and the well being/contentment of the family - along with social pressures.

Low fat vegan allows us a great deal of flexibility.

I recenty travelled to Montreal for work - and was able to do just fine as a LFV. Steak houses are your best friend - you can always get baked potatoes, steamed vegs, and a salad.

Minimizing grain consumption (IMO) is a very wise decision - and be sure to eat salads and plenty of vegetables.

The diet is very healthy and we seem to be getting a bit stronger on it.

Slow and steady wins the race !! 'Cept for pizza 4X this year... we have been vegan... and are recovering lost health.

All for now & I wish everyone the BEST !!!


  1. Dear Raw Dad,

    You might want to try roasted buckwheat as a cooked carbohydrate. It is not a cereal grain and does not have the negative reprocussion associated with it as cereal grains do. The roasted is much easier to digest than the raw and cooks up twice as fast.

    Best Wishes, Esmée

  2. Thanks... we are staying away from most grains... brown rice or quinoa 1-2X per week at the most.

    Mostly cooked vegs...

    I am feeling much better on raw today... however... ;~)

  3. Good for you! I'm in full support of anyone who's doing things for the betterment of themselves and their families. We eat some cooked ourselves too - admittedly, it's easier to eat more raw in the summer but I do tend to eat cooked in social situations or as the need fits.

  4. Exciting your first fruit tree!

    Personal I think the only ruler over what I eat is my body! Whether it be cook or raw I let my body decide. Meat, diary and grains are no longer a part of my diet for those were the things that were keeping my body inflammed and ill (lupus) but I do like some quinoa once in awhile and raw oats.
    I have found that I can eat my veggies lightly steamed in a steamer but if I steam them to much my body will let me know. I can eat steam red bliss potatoes without a problems.

  5. Great comments ladies.. as always thx for sharing and the wonderful words !

  6. I found this article and immediately though of you. Have you heard of the body ecology diet? Donna Gates? I recently started researching and reading her book "Body Ecology Diet". So far it is helping me overcome candida. It may be able to help your sons with their condition as well.

  7. Yes... we were on the BED for a few months...

    All that fermenting wore us out.. and the kids did not like it much.