Saturday, December 4, 2010

Drop the idealistic BS

I have spent some time pondering the advice of several out there... 100% raw, eat less, eat more, eat meat, eat vegan, eat fat, eat no fat, eat frequently, eat once per day, exercise a LOT, exercise little, take herbs, natural hygiene, salt..etc.....


What is my real goal here ? I am trying to recover my health and vitality. What makes me feel good? Find it... and DO IT !

Here are my conclusions - what I have found that works for me:

- Eat low fat high raw vegan (100% raw is best) - 80 10 10

- Eat enough ~ 2500 calories seems to work nicely

- Eat 3-4 meals per day

- Eat 2+ lbs of greens per day (get enough protien ~ 56g+)

- Green smoothies are GREAT !

- Take Antifungals every day between meals (the Candida was thriving otherwise)

- Exercise outside in the AM vigorous enough to sweat on the rebounder (~ 15 mins)

- Walk 15-30 mins per day outside

- Spend 30 mins in the sun per day minimum (am and late afternoon are best)

- Breathe deeply when ever you think of it (and stretch)

- Start each day with a couple of pints of distilled water

- Eliminate salt

- Occasional cooked food will not kill you - enjoy what you eat (low fat vegan choices are great)

- Offer to help someone frequently

- Work hard - stay on top of things - be the master

- Laugh and smile more

Living to satiate some idealistic bullshit plan concocted by some "guru" does not make me thrive... I need MY plan... comprised of what makes ME feel well...

All for now,



  1. Yes, yes, yes! We really are capable of knowing what makes us feel best. And in the end, that's all we're really aiming for. :)

  2. I agree. It's great to learn from others, but putting that knowledge to the test is what transforms the knowledge into wisdom. Great post :)

  3. Great post, RawDad! Sometimes you just gotta try things for yourself and see what works for you. Sounds good!

  4. id like to see you do a 28 day water fast to break the food addition so you can go on less food.

    Me after i get off of my dope and get back to being healthy i am going to go 28 days at a time without food or shorter if my body uses up all its hard fuel after exerciseing for 2-4-8 hours a day i think i should atleast beable to go 8 days without food no problem and get stronger in the process now idk how long it takes to refuell probly a 1-2- or 4 days would be my guess then go another 28 days without food because if you read mhs 108 page booklet you will read, that after you go longer than 4 days without food the weekness goes away and you start getting stonger idk how you eat so much greens i can only eat 4oz - 6 oz before i get sick from them in a day but rarely eat it any more because i believe we only need fruits and herbs to thrive and i believe we need very little food once we are healthy and have broken the food addiction and our appatite and we are just left with our hunger

  5. I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said. People need to realize that no two people are the same and one thing isn't going to work for everybody! People should do what makes them happy and healthy and stick to it. Great post :)