Friday, April 8, 2011

Week1 100% Raw - Toxic Dump

This is the first week in sometime that I have been 100% raw. I would very much like to stay this way atleast thorugh the summer to regain my health and vitality.

I have experienced a decent bout of DETOX this week. Headache, brainfog, and fatigue - but there is that "Raw sense of healing"... nothing like it - those of you who have tried this likely know what I am talking about.

I am sleeping the sleep of the dead - a few mins after laying down I am out..... 11+ hours per day if I can get it. Have had to lay my head on the desk at work a few times - was a long week.... but I made it and today was better. My head cleared a bit.. and a few times I experienced that "Raw light feeling"... like my body was weightless.

This makes ~ 2.5 years into my healing journey I am definately getting stronger. Whatever was broken is healing - I can feel it. I tolerate exercise now (even this week) where before I just could not recover.... a really good sign.

My excess eating experiement taught me something... you CAN OVEREAT FRUIT (I was getting fat). It seems my current activity level requires ~ 2700-3000 calories. The days I do not exercise I can likely get by on 2600 - this was what I was eating last time 100% raw & not exercising. My issues before were thus not associated with caloric deprivation.

My daily routine looks something like this:

0530 - rise - drink 1L water - exercise 30 mins (pushups, situps, curls, rows, bicycle & step ups)

0600 - drink 1/2 L water + 1 veg juice (4 carrots, greens, celery, red cabbage)

0800 - green smoothie for breakfast (4 banana, 3 apples, strawberries, blueberries, kale)

1200 - 8 bananas + 6 dates + large salad

1800 - 2 lbs papaya + large salad

Every couple of days I add an avocado to this along with 1 tsp udo's oil. Adding extra water seems to help - I will keep that up.

My shape is changing a bit already - some fat is coming off - the water is leaving - but there was not much retained (apparently) as I am ~ 160 lbs (this seems to be my ideal weight @ 5'11" I can live with that).

100% raw is quite healing - a real detox experience. I cannot see myself eating much less than 70% raw for the rest of my life.. low fat and plant strong....

All the best folks - and happy healing to all !!

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  1. I know just what you mean by "raw sense of healing," RD. :) So glad you're starting to really see and feel the healing fruits of your labors!