Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another LFRV Month on the books

Well folks - another month on the "diet of kings" is on the books.

Hurting my ankle last week was not much fun.. but am able to walk pretty normally at this time.. and the swelling is all gone.

My most nagging symptoms remain... (brain fog, cold hands, and low energy)... but that "healin' feelin'" persists.

I ate few overt fats this month... it really takes the detox up a notch.

The family is holding fast... we are getting healthier with each passing day.

Today's fare:

0900 - 64 oz pineapple spinach smoothie
1200 - 12 bananas + 6 stalks celery
1800 - 5 oranges blended with fresh mint + 1 large salad (romaine, spinach, mixed greens, celery and tomato).

I have to run... read with the kids.... a quick post this time...

Happy Healing to all out there... and thanks for your continued support....



  1. Hey Russ, Glad your ankle is getting better. Congrats on another month!

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