Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have had quite a few symptoms this week without overts. A dull headache, really cold and grey hands, 1 anxiety attack, BIG TIME fatigue, and a runny nose !!

I am healing.. I love it !! I have noticed I am now able to put on weight more easily on the diet.. I am excited about this.. means I am getting closer to healed... will have to taper back the fruit a bit .. or try to walk more.... the later is preferred.

Out in the sun all day today.. and worked pretty hard cleaning up the pool - lots of help from the boys ! Will have more of the same tomorrow.

I tasted watermelon for the first time this year.. it was not a great one.. but was very refreshing to have it again. I ate an entire melon today.. not a really large one... but was yummy...

I feel OK this evening. Amazing what 11-12 hours of sleep can do for you !

Today's menu:

0830 - 1/2 16 lb watermelon
1230 - 13 bananas and 1 celery heart
1530 - other half of the watermelon
1830 - 1 apple w/cinnamin + a large salad (greens & tomato)

Have a great what's left of the weekend !!



  1. So glad to hear you are healing and heading in the right direction. Getting not-so-great tasting melons, particularly watermelon is alwasy so disappointing - hopefully the next will be even better!

  2. i think dropping the overt fats for a bit is a good experiment. i always feel less well when i eat them.

  3. Thanks ladies !!

    I had an avocado last pm...

    Decided I will have 1 on Sunday.. and Wednesday..