Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our very first fruit tree !!

We are really pressed for space .. but managed to shoe horn a Turkish Fig tree in behind the pool.... you have to look VERY closely.. but there ~ 6 figs on it !!

It sits in the western sun.. which is very hot.. will see how it does !!

Cannot wait to try one of the figs ! LOL...

This will be a LOT of fun some day.. when we are growing our own...

I did just discover a few neighbors with peach trees... I will have to ask them if they need help eating them !!

All the best folks.... and happy healing.


  1. How exciting! :)

  2. Thanks a bunch folks... it's amazing how this little tree has brightened my world even more.. for me.. it symbolizes hope... and our new way of life...

    I appreciate all of your support... would not be here if it wasn't for you people...

    Gracious.. !