Monday, January 3, 2011

OJ diet - Stage2 (Days 3-7) - Cleanse

Day 3

11 hours of sleep last pm – not as restful as yesterday – not as refreshed. Tongue was coated once again, breath very foul. Feel dull and a bit run down this am. Hopefully things will pick up later. Peaks and valleys – have to be ready for that. My sinus’ are clearing again – feeling a bit better. I have added kindey cleanse to my herbal arsenal.

Orange Juice
- 64 oz @ work – 8 oz per hour diluted with water
Day 4

The fast really kicked in today. I slept 15 hours, and feel a bit refreshed. Tongue was coated this am – but not as thick as days previous. The plan is to juice 8 oranges – 1 per hour for atleast a week to maximize cleansing. I have been rebounding for a minute before work and after. Now that I am home will bounce for a minute each hour before I have my juice. Having a peppermint tea to start the morning – the sky is clear – looking forward to some fresh air and sunshine today. My new smart phone is supposed to arrive as well – should be fun to get it configured and working. Well – my new bicycle arrived and while I was giving it a test ride my phone was attempted delivered – it will have to come another day. The bike is everything I wanted – I rode it 10 miles.. it was a lot of fun.

Orange Juice
- 8 organic Valencias – juiced 2 every other hour and diluted with distilled water 50/50

Day 5

Did not sleep as well last pm – but in bed for 13 hours. I do feel fairly refreshed. Herbs taken and bowel movement noted – foul smelling – bile like. The liver is getting flushed. Plan to get my new phone activated today and ride the new bike a bit more. My weight is ~ 152 – I have lost 5 lbs thus far.
Will have 12 oranges today. I think 12-16 per day over 3 weeks or more is a good pace for me. Any less and I seem to feel quite toxic. After trip to phone store am feeling a bit nauseous… will rest.

Orange Juice
- 12 organic Valencias – juiced 3 every 3 hours and diluted with distilled water

Day 6

A cold one out there this am 19F. Heavy elimination last evening. Tongue coated more lightly this am – and breath not as foul. Sinus’ continue to be blocked most of the time. Took an “Adya bath” last pm – was interesting – almost could feel something being pulled from the skin. Feel somewhat refreshed this am – 12 hours of sleep and a nap yesterday. We will be visiting our neighbors today to share holiday gifts – should be a fun day. Emotions are surfacing – this has not happened to me before – and strangely – it feels good. I have literally tried to cry (after the loss of a loved one) a few years back and I could not – perhaps health related ?

Orange Juice
- 13 organic Valencias (a couple of them were pretty small) – juiced 3 every 3 hours and diluted with distilled water. This makes ~ 1 quart of juice for the day

Day 7
Added the liver cleanse to the herbal arsenal yesterday per MH recommendation. Stayed up late last pm (2200 hrs) programming my new phone. Deep sleep (11 hours) somewhat refreshed. Starting to drink the oj straight – water in between as required. I have a headache and just had the most vile bowel movement (smells of toxic bile). My eyes are still a bit clouded and blood shot – but look clearer than before. Breath is not as foul. Weight is 150 lbs. Feel a bit nauseous @ noon – had to lay down for a bit. Elimination is heavy. Another Adya bath this afternoon - felt really good -warming. The cleanse is really setting in.

Orange Juice
- 15 organic Valencias (several of them were pretty small) – juiced every 3 hours for 12 hours.


  1. Wish you good health while on your cleanse. You remind me I have oranges that need to be juiced.

  2. starting my OJ cleansing diet as soon as i finish those bananas i bought

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