Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OJ diet Final Stage (day8-18)


Have been busy - just remembered I forgot to post this.

The most notable healing on this mono OJ diet was my right ankle. It has been troubling me since I severely sprained it last spring (may have been a fracture... not sure). I noticed it was getting more limber on the diet and this pm.. I sprinted on it a bit (just to test) - no pain whatsoever.. I will take it easy and let the mending continue.

Here is my daily log:

Day 8
The cleansing is deep. I feel a bit tired this am. Should be a great night’s sleep. I am also having some herbal teas. My favorites have been peppermint and red raspberry leaf. The kids are back to school tomorrow – will allow for plenty of rest. A good 12 hour slumber last pm .. I feel somewhat refreshed. A bit of rebounding, herbs, and now time for a juice. Wow.. the TX oranges are superior – likely left on the tree a bit longer – delicious ! Rode the bike again a few miles – exhausted afterwards – laid down for 30 minutes – recovered nicely. ~ 1400 hrs… got out in the sun for 15 mins – felt great. I am feeling quite well at the moment – OH LET THIS BE THE BEGINNING OF A LONG ENERGY PHASE !!! :~) Also note that I reduced the olive leaf and oregano oil from 6 to 3. Rode the bike again after walking around the block with the kids.. got off the road a bit… lotta fun. Urine looked a bit cloudy this pm.. YES !! The kids have coudy urine frequently.. their kidneys are working nicely.

Orange Juice
- 15 organic TX Juice oranges (small) – 3 pints of juice – 3 glasses of heaven

Day 9
Feeling better this am. Breath is fresher. I slept less last night – but did nap a couple of times yesterday. I cleaned and organized in the kitchen a bit this am – it really needs it. Rode the bike again and had a pretty good day. Elimination is heavy.. I have to lay down and sleep hard for 30 mins every now and again – the good news is that is very refreshing. Weight was 150 when I checked it… (not first thing). Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings !
Orange Juice
- 15 organic TX Juice oranges (small) – 3 pints of TX nectar !

Day 10
Slept deeply once asleep. Woke this am to see the kids off to school – cleaned up some dishes – time to get more rest – am tired. Herbal fix accounted for. Slept until 1400 hrs (18 hours total) and am not refreshed at this point. Its 5pm.. feeling better now. Back to bed most of the day… 18-20 hours of sleep and it feels G O O D !!!!
Orange Juice
- 15 organic TX Juice oranges (small) – 3 pints

Day 11
Slept like a log last pm. Can feel my kidneys a bit this am. Bowels did not move yesterday. Lemon water and herbs – back to bed. Tongue is coated a bit – breath is not really foul. Slept until 1100 hrs. Feeling a bit better… but will go lay down again now… J. Up after an hour @ 1400…. Time for a juice. Weight = 149lbs.
Orange Juice
- 3 pints

I have noted that red raspberry tea makes me feel quite ill. Will lay off of that.. and drop the dosage on the liver itch and kidney cleanse. Up @ 0700 this am… feeling better. Was a decent day – rode the bike a bit and walked Lexy around the block – rebounded a few times. Feel a bit run down this pm.. I will sleep really good. Mixed up the juice a bit today… and now only taking liver cleanse and itch. Reading John Robbins Heathly at 100.. good book thus far….
Orange Juice
- 3 pints (1 orange, 1 hybrid, 1 pineapple) - orange is the best

13 hours sleep last pm. Feel OK this am – not stellar. Rain mixed with snow this am.. will be a good day to surf and read. Herbs were liver itch, cleanse, and the oregano, olive and lbb. 5pm and the fast is taking is up a notch – I have a dull headache. Have been having water with a squeeze of lemon between juices.. WOW… takes it up a notch. Hot bath taken tonite to have a good sweat – feel better !
It started snowing this afternoon – we got a few inches. Took the kids out in it.. and played a bit.
- 3 pints & 1 pint of veg juice after hot bath

12 hours of deep sleep last pm a bit refreshed – but dry – the heat is running. Felt a bit better after a quart of water. Took 2T of the liver itch last pm – will stick with 1 from now on. If I am not chipper on Friday – I plan to implement a juice increase/detox slow down to help me stretch this thing out. Will have a lemon water before bed each night to ensure I detox heavily enough as required. My initial plan is 2.5 quarts of oj, and a pint of veg juice… will see how this goes. I cannot work all day the way I feel at this time – that is certain.
- 3 pints

Felt OK today. Did not sleep as much (7 hours) – stopped taking liver itch to avoid the alcohol. Ordered and started reading Quantum Eating my Tonya Zavasta…. VERY interesting. Dry fasted after 5pm – good detox – will keep that up.
- 1 pint veg, 2 pints oj

I have a lot to do today. Need to get hoppin. The dry fast was most interesting – had a taste of metal in my mouth at the end – great to know I will be doing this daily from now on. Increasing juice today. Weight is 145. Warmed up nice after the veg juice… still cleansing heavily. Am optimistic for the return to diet on Friday. 18 days will have to be it this time – I need to get back to work.
- 2 pints veg, 3 pints OJ

Uneventful days here. Felt OK – not stellar. Stronger on the additional juice.
- 2 pints veg, 3 pints OJ

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