Thursday, March 11, 2010

12 Weeks LFRV - 2 "Good Days"

I have actually had 2 decent (Happy) days this past week. Hopefully the trend will continue.

I still have quite a bit of brain fog and fatigue. But do feel a bit stronger.

I am letting my calories slip off a bit.. need to ensure I get them up a few hundred again.

I also started exercising again this week - not going to the gym but using a new training device st home called the "Jungle Gym". It seems to be doing the trick.
We receive the last order of dates for the year.. a sampler pack from the Date people.. that should help with the caloric demands !!

Yesterday's menu:

Breakfast - 5 pounds of papaya
Lunch - 10 bananas
Dinner - 4 pears blended with cherries + 1 large blended salad

Have an excellent week folks - may you all be blessed !



  1. Awesome Raw Daddio! May next week be filled with 7 good days and enough energy for 8!

  2. LOL... Daddio...!

    Thanks Erin... I could use more HIGH energy days !!

    Make your day the best day ... EVER !

  3. I love your preseverance! So inspiring! And mmm....papaya. Gotta love that!

  4. Twelve weeks?!? Terrific!

    I wanna hear more about the dates you try. Mmm, dates. (licking lips.)

    :), Marjorie

  5. Thx Rosie... am working on this.. hopefully these next 3 months will bring some magic along with them... !!..Yea.. and I am starting to become quite fond of papaya.. !

    All the best !

  6. I appreciate it Marjorie.. 12 weeks has gone pretty fast !! We have received 2 shipments now from The Date People... the past shipment was a sampler.... not sure what is in there... actually.. but there is a mix of wet and dry dates.. they are very good...