Thursday, March 4, 2010

11 Weeks LFRV - The Hammer !

11 weeks along on my 811RV journey. The diet is really "putting down the hammer" this week. I am cold and tired with a ton of brain fog today... yesterday seemed a bit better... seems to cycle from day to day.

I have yet to feel fabulous and my sleep continues to be very deep - I few times last pm.. I did not feel like I could move a muscle !!

I am trying to get all of the sunshine I can. I walk atleast once per day and rebound a couple of times for a total of 10-15 minutes... and my diet is very consistent now - 3 meals per day.

Yesterday's menu was as follows:

Breakfast - 10 dried soaked figs + 4 med pears
Lunch - 10 bananas
Dinner - 1 papaya (~2 lbs) + 1 large blended salad (tomato, cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach and a squeeze of lemon).

I may chew my salad this pm.. I feel like some texture... perhaps a pineapple.. followed by the grande salad.. sounds great !

I feel like I am on a long road.. but one that is worth it. I have not been well for 7 years or so.. thus expect this current level of fatigue may endure for a few more months.. I have to be diligent and remain patient...

All the best folks - Happy Healing!



  1. Russ, you're doing so well! Patience is likely one of the most helpful virtues on this path. :-) I think feeling amazing is just around the corner for you.

  2. Thanks Kim... I think I am finally putting on weight... am eating just a bit 2 much.. will cut the dried fruit out...

    I really appreciate the encouragement.

  3. You should read Joe Alexander's book "Blatant Raw Food Propaganda." He felt terrible fatigue for about 8 months when he first made the transition (he ate very little during this time, having no appetite), which culminated in a month long healing crisis of coughing up green globs of mucus from his lungs. He was only 22 years old and had never been sick before going raw. Once he made to the other side of all this, he felt like a new man. He wrote his book after more than 20 years on a raw food diet. It is very inspiring reading.

  4. Also,you might want to read the comments on my Feb. 25th post titled "Seeking Balance and Satisfaction," as one of my readers made a comment about salt cravings, oxylate intake, and autistic children that may be relevant to your situation.

  5. Thx Esmee... I will look for Alexanders book... I will read the post...

  6. You have a healthy attitude and really appreciate your determination. So inspiring.

  7. Thanks Rosie... ur great! I appreciate the encouraging and kind words.

  8. Hey Raw Dud
    You are a god damn psycho. You are an unfit parent. You should have your tarded kids taken from you.

    That is all...

  9. Dearest daiikon,

    Thank you kindly for the constructive criticism - I'm sure you mean well. Perhaps you could share a bit more detail regarding your frustration - I believe that would help.