Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Streak has Ended :(

Well.. 3 months was a good run. We cleaned up quite a bit in this time and have had some cooked food this past week.

Some cooked vegetables and legumes may frequent our dinner table in the colder months (have been influenced a bit by the book Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman)... it seems the kids prefer it and my wife is quite a bit happier.

A compromise - low fat and low salt cooked vegan is OK.. IMO.. as long as we are sure to always include a high percentage of raw fruits/vegetables in the diet.

We are on a great path and our lifestyle is forever changed. Illness and disease should never set foot in our house again !

The family seemed to "snap" out of the "detox funk" we were in as well after eating some cooked food (if we can call that a benefit?).

I can live with kids who ask for cooked vegs... or a vegan chili as a treat... heck.. if they have a vegetable pizza on special occasions.... I will feel pretty good about the influence and choices they are making.

80 10 10 is the king of diets and will be my diet of choice. I may not be 100% for the rest of my life... but intend for us to be 90% minimum !!!

Thanks all for the support as of late - we have compromised a bit - but are on a healing path that shall remain for the rest of our lives.

Many Blessings - RD.


  1. I got a good laugh about your graphic. :)

    We love you and support you. And we also know you might be back...

    LOL! Marjorie

  2. Russ,

    That's a terrific run--good for you! I'm so impressed with your determination and am in agreement that a bit of cooked vegan added in is a far healthier path than what most of us indulged in previously. :)

    I believe that the longer we eat healthfully, the easier it is to recognize what feels good in our bodies and what doesn't. The connections become easier to make, thank goodness. Yay!

    I loved Eat to Live and still use it as a reference and for inspiration in making healthy choices (exercise included). I also added cooked veggies in for a while recently and understand the draw, especially in these last few weeks of winter/early spring.

    I hope you and your family are feeling great and enjoying life ~ that's the real goal for us all, of course!

    Thanks for the update. ♥

  3. Thanks a bunch ladies.. ur great. We have never been vegetarians... thought we should give that a try.. help us clean up a bit.

    I love 80 10 10 .. but it is killing me right now to stay on it.. I get almost 2 weak and "hungover" to function. A bit of time as vegetarian.. should help progress more slowly.. and transition back to 100%...

    We certainly plan to eat raw fruits and greens all day....and likely will eat all raw in the summer time...

    This will give us more freedom to socialize as well ... black bean burgers anyone ?

  4. ...Or a grilled/steamed portobello mushroom "burger" with lettuce as the wrap, tomatoes, cucumber, etc. (I hope I'm not "enabling" with this post! ;-)

  5. Are you familiar Karen DeFelice's book on Enzymes and Autism. I know you said you tried lots of things with your boys, but thought I'd mention it incase you weren't familiar with it. If you are going to include cooked food in your diet, it would be worth checking out. It appears that children with autism are deficient in certain enzymes, and that supplementing them with enzymes can really help them. Good Luck, and keep us posted on their progress. Dr. Furhman's books are some of my favorites. You should read his one on fasting if you haven't already done so.

    Blessings, Esmee

  6. Also want to say that detox can be intense for the first year on a fruit diet. I just finished reading "I Live on Fruit" by Essie Honiball, and she says the first year on a fruit diet was the most difficult thing she has ever done in her life. But once she got through it, she never looked back.

  7. Thx Esmee for the advice and kind words - I can already clearly see that 80 10 10 was superior to what we have tried this past week.

    The kids seem to be doing a bit better.. outta the detox funk.. but we will see. If I keep them low fat and NO SALT.. not sure how appealing cooked vegs/legumes really are ?

    In hindsight - I should have had a baked potato and called it good !!

    We will be ever progressing towards the perfect diet...

    I do not feel so great this AM... am going back on the wagon now.... will get there..

  8. Kim - enabling? Nah...

    I am content to have a vegetarian meal on occasion if put in the situation.. I just do not want to rationalize making it a habit (like I did above)..

    Low fat, no salt, low starch vegan quite frankly.. is NOT appealing food.. it needs oil and salt to taste good (hint hint) !!

    We will offer this to the kids if they want it... and I will partake if the detox gets 2 much again...

    Thx as always for the encouraging words !