Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Report Cards are IN!

Our little men started school this year scheduled to attend special education class most of the time. Nicolas could barely speak (a few words) and Seth was clearly lagging behind most his age.

After 4 - 6week sessions they are markedly improved. Both have been subjectively graded by their Kindergarten teachers (they still attend a small portion of special ed) as "meeting grade level expectations".

Nicolas "demonstrated high achievement of grade level expectations" in the following areas:

- Identifies & reads at least 25 high frequency words
- Writes first & last name appropriately
- Counts numbers orally to 100
- Recognizes & names 2D figures

Although Nick has a long ways to go.. we really did not expect him to attend Kindergarten at all this year.. let alone hold his own. We could not be more pleased with his steady progress and accomplishment to date.

For those who do not know - Nick did not speak at all until the spring of 2009 (coincidentally - after a few months of high raw diet).

Seth actually scored a bit lower than Nick on the subjective evaluation (different teachers) - but is doing nicely. He is reading fine - but struggles to write well. They are lagging a bit in 'rithmatic.

Both seem to have quite short attention spans and Nick still throws an "autistic fit" on occasion - but nothing like it used to be.

We are proud of them & we tell them ... frequently.

They look healthy and seem to be getting stronger as we progress. This summer should bring rest and additional growth/healing to all of us.

Bless those who influenced us to adopt this lifestyle, and those who are supporting our continued efforts - we would not be here if not for you.

We wish all of you the VERY BEST !

RD & Family (Russ, Yvette, Nick, Seth & Lexy)


  1. Oh that's so great! Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is amazing, Russ. Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. Really amazing! Congratulations. I'm sure they will only improve.

    A while back I was teaching some raw food "cooking" classes. A woman came who I had never met before. She obviously had a little limp when walking, but other than that, seemed completely normal. I learned after class that she had multiple sclerosis and just 5 months earlier (before going 100% raw) she could not get out of a wheel chair or talk!!!

    So if that is possible for a grown woman to make that much progress I can't imagine the progress your boys will make.

    You are truely amazing for taking this journey with your family! A great example for everyone!

  4. Also...she said she even has enough control of her hands to cut fruits and veggies in the kitchen! When she had NO control before.

  5. Great blog! I linked my blog to yours, you can add mine to your list too. also

    My son has Aspergers, the raw diet has really helped calm him down. What progress have your boys been making? (I will read more on your blog to hopefully find my answer)