Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 120/192 hours complete !!!

Tuesday - June1

0800 - 142 lbs
Urine pH < 5.5
Tongue heavy white coating

WOW.. Day5 is really "BRINGING IT". I can feel the cleansing ongoing. I have slept all evening and this AM pretty
much straight through. I can taste a lot of salt in my mouth.

Today I rested quite a bit... building nerve energy. I am stronger as a result. Began to really embrace the fast... contemplating life's mysteries... kinda "Doc-like"....

Have noticed a couple of moles that I have are getting smaller. I feel a bit congested.. a touch of mucus in the lungs
and my sinus has cleared at times.. but remains mostly blocked.

Will be careful to give this ol' body what it needs most today... plenty of distilled water and REST....I am really
starting to believe in the water fast ... what could be better for a fatigued soul ?

I made the kids a GREAT salad prior to their marshal arts class... the dressing was soaked dried apricots blended chunky with plenty of celery apple and carrots. The salad itself was chopped lettuce and spinach... all topped/garnished with chopped celery and carrots... I should have taken a picture !!! I never saw 2 kids devour a salad like that before !! I will experiment with adding a hot pepper to the dressing... am sure they will like that one.. esp in the colder months.

Have a great evening all....

Happy Healing - RD.


  1. Russ, wow great job on the fast. I hope to do one, one of these days.

    That apricot dressing sounds wonderful! I am going to try that with my kids.

  2. I love hot peppers (not a Natural Hygiene thing I know) but there are worse vices. I blended one up with my pineapple this Am and it was great! Congrats on day 5, I am enjoying your daily reports.

  3. First time I have been to your blog Russ but good job on the fast..sounds like you are on your way to healing.

  4. Thanks for the support ladies.. am getting there....

    The hot peppers add a nice zing to some things... no.. not NH.. but you have to live a little ??