Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 144/192 hours complete !!!

Wednesday - June2

0800 - 142 lbs
Urine pH <5.5
Tongue Heavily coated

Did not sleep well last pm... was congested. Started to sleep really deeply this am .. and napping today has been a

I did not care for people this am...certainly was working to avoid all contact... kinda Bashful I guess..?

Salt taste in the mouth continues - my nerve energy is building...2.25 days left at this point. I really hope most
of this clears out before the fast ends.

I have been planning my breakfast.. and re-feeding... it will go something like this...


1800 - Juice (2 carrots with stems, 1/2 green apple, 2-4 stalk celery, a slice of red cabbage, fresh mint)
1830 - Watermelon - enough to move the bowels - no more than 2 slices hopefully


Juice upon waking
Alternate juice and melon each hour - ensuring I consume a minimum of 64 oz of juice


Back on the 811RV diet !!! (with juice added)

0800 (or upon waking) - juice
0900 - watermelon
1130 - juice
1200 - bananas + large salad with fig dressing (dehydrated soaked figs blended with celery and a jalepeno)
1500 - mangoes + large salad with mango/tomato/celery dressing

After a few days of this diet...will add in some nuts on occasion... or avocado.

My assimilation should be improved after this diet.. my weight should be back to 155 in no time...

I will attempt to document the first few days of re-feeding as this is important to note for future reference.

Happy Healing folks - RD.

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