Saturday, June 5, 2010

Re-feeding after the water fast

Friday June4 - Refeeding Day 1

0800 - 141 lbs (a gain of 2 lbs)
Urine pH = 6.4
Tongue coated

I feel pretty good this am. Did not sleep that well last pm. My energy is decent. Had a juice followed
by watermelon for breakfast this am. I am not eating much - will continue to increase the volume.

Rebounded for 5 mins prior to bfast - very invigorating.

The food plan for the day is melon and juice.. water and honeydew types. My strength is continuing to grow.
I cleaned up a few things around the house this am.. I plan to take a nap after lunch... likely eating 2 melons this aft - gotta
get the calories up.

Made the kids some cooked pinto's last pm - served over salad... I had to try some... they were good and seemed to digest

Saturday - June5 - Re-feeding Day2

0800 - 144 lbs (a gain of 3 lbs)
Urine pH = 7.2
Tongue Coated

I experienced quite a bit of coughing and sneezing last pm... hacked up a bit of mucus from the lungs. I slept like
a stone... did not want to get up this am !

Now that I am up.. I feel pretty good - except for a dull headache. Time to get our new Waterwise9000 water distiller
fired up !

Good Raw AM today.. had melons for b'fast (honeydew and water) and a large banana smoothie for lunch (6 banana with celery
and spinach).

We then enjoyed a thick split pea soup for dinner.. with a lot of carrots, celery and some onion.. along with wild rice
and steamed vegetables - it was very good.. and the kids enjoyed it thoroughly.

Happy healing all - RD

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