Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 168/168 hours complete !!!

Thursday - June3

0800 - 139 lbs
Urine pH <5.5
Tongue Heavily coated

I am dropping more weight than I expected... but on a positive note... means I was still quite toxic.. better out than in.

Was stapled to the bed this am.. WOW.. the fast is really eliminating at this point. Started to have "food dreams" last pm.. then fell into a deep restful sleep... ~ 10 hours.. got up this AM finally... skin brush shower.. then 30 min sun bath.. back
to bed for a deep hour's rest.

It seems I experience a day or 2 of feeling bad... (sinus plugs up, am irratable, back hurts (esp left side) do not sleep really well.. THEN.. DEEP sleep.. and I wake feeling a huge fatigue - but after intense sleep I am a bit stronger.

Today is day 7.. I am hoping to end on the positive side.. but if not.. am sure the juice and watermelon I have will not disrupt the detoxification 2 badly.. I do want to come out of the ketonic state and recover my alkalinity. Hopefully the aggressive juicing I have planned will accomplish just that.

This afternoon I feel pretty good!! Went to the grocery store after some local honeydew melons... WOW.. they are the sweetest smelling melons I have ever selected!

I also noticed a mucus like substance in my urine... GOD knows what is coming out... ??

I have decided to break the fast today... 3 reasons:

1. The honeydews.. cannot wait !!
2. Fasting veterans advised me to break while feeling good - reduces recovery time
3. Allows and addition re-feeding day prior to returning to work
4. I'm happy and another day .. I'm outta dwarfs !

Am very pleased with this experience... I feel I have learned quite a bit. Breaking sooner than originally planned is not too disappointing.. I am elated with the process and very happy to end on a positive note !

All the best - happy healing.


  1. The honeydews may smell sweeter because your sense of smell is better due to the fast, not necessarily because the honeydews are better.

  2. WTG! And I can only imagine what the body is getting rid of! Congrats on your journey.

  3. Arnold Erhet claimed that during fasting mucus was expelled from the body and would be found in the feces and urine. Not sure if he was right, he also thought that mucus buildup in the body was the primary cause of most diseases. Never happened to me but there may be something to what he says. In any case congrats on making it thru the fast Russ.


  4. Thanks folks... yes.. the melons were metter yesterday.. but I have to say.. the sweetest I have ever had !!

    The mucus... ya.. nasty stuff... I can tell I'm healthier.. could really use a 2-3 week fast.. but just do not have the time.

    Will continue to eat HRLFV... and hope for the best !!

  5. When you've used up all your dwarves, what can yuo do except eat honedew melons? That has always been my philosophy as well. :)

  6. Congrats on your fast, Russ.