Saturday, May 29, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 48/192 hours complete !!!

Whatta day today... the fatigue continued today.. but I was quite a bit less tolerant of anything... ;~) pretty GRUMPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the stats for today...

Saturday - May29

0700 - 149 lbs
Urine pH = 7.2
Tongue - heavy white coating

I feel tired this am. Did not sleep through the night as I was napping yesterday afternoon. My skin looks decent.
Shaved with soap today - Quick shower with vigorous skin brushing. Sun bath - forgot to mention yesterday - 10 mins
each side @0900.

I plan to read and rest today... (and everyday)... performing some brief (1 min max) rebounding sessions to keep the lymph moving.

I have noticed the urine pH is in decline.. I think this means I am switching into Ketosis....

All the best folks - happy healing.


  1. good luck on your water fast. Are you consulting with a physician during this fast?

  2. Thanks and no... I am not...

    Will break the fast if I feel I need to... this is only 8 days.. and I was on a LFRV diet pretty much all year... my alkaline reserves are stout... I really should not have any problems.