Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 96/192 hours complete !!!

Monday May31 - Happy Memorial Day

0700 - 144lbs
Urine pH < 5.5
Tongue - heavy white coating

I do not feel so well this am - the sinus are plugged - coughing a bit - and feel congested and tired. The fast is performing it's magic !! I will have to sleep this off !! Whatta great rest this has been thus far... am half way there !!

Upon scraping my tongue this am... I can taste salt.. it is quite strong ! Better out than in ... ;~)

Was in a FOG all day today.. heavy elimination.. just could not think. I set my book down.. 10 minutes later.. spent
10 minutes looking for it.... arghhh... kinda Dopey !!

I am feeling a bit stronger now... but not much... man.. did I NEED THIS !!

Happy Healing.... RD.

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