Thursday, May 27, 2010

My 2010 Water Fast is on !!

I am planning on drinking distilled water for the next 8 days... am really looking forward to a new level of health !!

Today... I had my normal watermelon bfast, followed by bananas and celery for lunch, blended mangoes this pm.. then mowed the lawn while my wife prepared a delicious "squash spaghetti".. with a wonderful tomato sauce ... GOD it was good !!!

I do not want to accept anything less than 8 days on this water fast... thus plan on having some veg juice (diluted with water) this same time next Friday.... will then have veg juice again to begin Saturday, followed by blended melon. I will continue with juicy fruits and veg juice all day Saturday... eating as much as my stomach feels comfortable with (taking care to eat slowly). Sunday will be similar fare... likely consuming more volume.

Monday - I plan to be back on my 811RV plan....

I expect to feel quite tired and toxic.... and not sure on the recovery as I have not fasted this long on water before... but have been and will continue to rest as much as I can through this healing journey. Also planning to keep a daily log - weight, tongue condition, assessment of how I slept and feel/look, along with any symptoms.....

I wish all of you the best.... !!!

Happy Healing,



  1. Happy Fasting Russ! :)

  2. Thanks ladies !!! After a light dinner last evening... the H2O is already "bringing it" this AM !! I am starting to feel the detox kicking in.. YES !!!!!

    This should be a VERY productive week !! I cannot wait !

    I appreciate your continued support ...

    All the best - RD.