Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 24/192 hours complete !!!

Well folks... 1 day in the books... I had to work today.. which helped to pass the time... Since I'm planning on 8 days.. I thought the dwarfs may be appropriate to help tell the tale.....

Today.. SLEEPY... gets the nod... I am a bit of the others as well.. but WOW.. tired....

Here is the log.....


1800 - finished last meal. 3 Blended Mangoes + 6 squash with tomato sauce


0700 - 153 lbs
Urine pH = 7.4
Tongue - lightly coated - slightly yellow when scraped

I feel light this am after a relatively low calorie dinner last evening. Had a small BM. Sleep was very deep. Have to work today... otherwise would still be sleeping. Spent a couple of minutes on the rebounder. Shower brief - vigorous skin brushing.. then rinse. Shaved with no soap - brushed teeth with only water. Breath is already foul.

1500 - luckily was able to leave work early today to get a jump on the holiday weekend... !! I laid down for 20 minutes.. almost slipped into a COMA !! WOW.. I have been needing this rest.. the body was calling for it.. I need to deliver and give it what it needs... NOTHING !!

Starting to read Fuhrman's fasting and eating for health... looks like it will be a very enjoyable

On to day 2..... will sleepy reign supreme again tomorrow ???

All the best folks - happy healing.



  1. Way to go! You will love Furhman's book.

  2. Thx Esmee.. and I do !!!

    Love his approach.. and I really believe it will work for all... the NH folks seem to have it all figured out... ;~)