Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looking Ahead


I have had a good year thus far.. and it's about to get even better!

My health is on the mend - although my energy has not returned.. and tolerance for exercise remains relatively low... I am "cleaning out" and feeling a bit better as time goes by.

I will be water fasting over the holiday... I have next week off to rest!

Cannot wait to get started and jettison my current level of health.

I plan to track my weight, condition of the tongue, urine pH, and general observations about how I feel (energy level, symptoms..etc) along with the amount of water I consume.

That's all for now folks - Happy Healing!



  1. Best of luck...I did a 9 day water fast couple weeks ago that was great. I had plenty of rest, no working, etc. It's a challenge but you'll reap the rewards.

  2. Best wishes, Russ. Hope you enjoy your rest.


  3. Thanks a bunch folks - I really appreciate it.

    TRA... what did you feel like before.. vs after..??

    This is my first water fast over 4 days... I am a bit excited about the healing potential !!