Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Water Fast - 72/192 hours complete !!!

Sunday - May30

0700 - 146lbs
Urine pH < 5.5
Tongue - heavy white coating - a bit yellow when scraped

I felt pretty good during the night - sleep was a bit scattered.. but was sleeping deeply this am. I feel a bit better
this am - but still quite toxic feeling.

Am noting a lower back ache in the kidney area. I am drinking ~ 2 quarts of water per day - judging from the weight loss
this is not enough. I will try to drink more today.

Still working to complete Fuhrman's Fasting book... I started Bragg's fasting book last pm as well. I have read Shelton's
book on fasting some time ago.. I know he says the back pain is normal.

I also feel some slight pain in the right ankle area - I sprained this ankle a couple of months ago... hopefully it is being attended to.

Today will bring more of the same - lots of rest, skin brushing, a bit of sunshine and fresh air.

Experienced some sneezing and coughing - it would appear my sinus' and lungs need some work ? I did smoke in the past and also had a lot of sinus issues (infections...etc..)

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  1. Sounds like everything is humming along. I'm loving your 7 Dwarves theme. :)