Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 Weeks LFRV - 70 Days - Bringing IT!

WOW ! Yesterday was a DETOX day from Hell ! I was freezing - headache - and could barely get through the day - could not wait to get home and sleep. The LFRV is REALLY BRINGING IT !!

Coincidentally - I did have some overts the past 2 days - will lay off again. I also seemed to start detoxing more heavily after my 3 day juice fast last weekend.

I have had a couple of good mornings - other than that - I am tired and symptoms of brain fog, cold hands, fatigue, and lack of tolerance for exercise are holding fast.

I am prepared to stay the course - may water fast for a week before the kids get outta school - should be able to rest nicely & lay in the sun.

Today's plan:


Breakfast - 8 dates (wait 30 mins) + 4 large apples
Lunch - 10 bananas
Dinner - 1 blended pineapple (wait 30-60 mins) + 1 blended salad (romaine, mixed greens, spinach, tomato, cucumber, celery, lemon juice)


10-15 minutes rebounding (2X5 - am & pm) & deep breathing
3 miles walking


  1. You're going to be feeling all shiny and new in no time! ;-) Good going!

  2. Kudos to you! You're doing awesome and love that you're "staying the course." Payoff's going to be huge!

  3. Thanks Ladies... am on my way... took awhile to adopt a working diet... but am "in a groove" now... just have to keep on the straight and narrow stuffing my face with fruit!

  4. yay russ! 10 weeks! u're awesome!!! im trying to hang in there so someday i can say the same too:) hope the detox is over by now!