Thursday, February 11, 2010

8 Weeks LFRV

This week has been a bit of a yo yo. I have felt good a couple of times... and other times not very good at all.

My sleep continues to be very deep, and I have only had overt fat once in the past 2 weeks.

I have an itchy rash on my fingers, and a powdery substance is all around my toenails... I am assuming this is a fungal/yeast related issue on the mend.

My cravings are minimal since I started eating more... will continue to keep exercise minimal and focus on rest, and deep breathing.

All for now - happy healing - RD.


  1. Yeah, I am finding that eating more is my salvation. I always know that in the beginning then forget. That is when the trouble begins. Good job Russ! =D

  2. Thx Connie... yea.. I did NOT LISTEN in the beginning... Greg Allen tried to tell me... guess I knew better...?? LOL...

    Am sure it gets easier with time.... frankly.. I am almost cruisin' now.. far as the diet goes.. just seems I need more rest than I can manage in a night... a "nooner" nap would really help me..!!