Thursday, February 18, 2010

9 Weeks - 63 Days - LFRV - Slaying the Beast !

Well folks... 9 weeks on the "diet of Kings " !!

Prior to starting on my path to healing a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with dysbiosis (a candida overgrowth).

A few weeks ago - I decided to eliminate fats. It seems this decision was a wise one. I am experiencing a classic "candida die off" set of symptoms (I believe I can recognize them.. after months of anti-fungal meds and low carb diet)... I have rashes, mild headache, foul breath, and quite a bit of fatigue... BUT... there is that underlying "healin' feelin' " that persists.

Also... I used to pack away quite a bit of booze... some may have considered me alcoholic.. I cannot be sure of that.. but am sure the ol' liver needs some help. Digesting fats is likely not a strong point of mine.

For those of you struggling to slay the "YEAST BEAST"... eliminate those overt fats for a month or two... it seems to be working !!

I will keep all of you posted.. of course.

Make your days the BEST !!!



  1. Good job Russ, think how good you'll feel when this is over and your beast will be revealed as a tiny mouse that you can simply let run free; no slaying necessary. =D

    Stop by Berry Boy in the morning, Christopher and I have left something there for you.

    Love & Sunshine!

  2. Thx Connie - will check on the BB now...

    BTW.. setting the mouse free will be a pleasure !!