Thursday, February 4, 2010

7 Weeks - 49 Days - LFRV

49 days contiguous on the 811RV diet. I am still quite tired - but am healing.

I decided to eliminate overt fat this week and see how it goes. I cannot say I feel better... but certainly do not feel any worse.

My complexion seems to be on the mend, my finger tips, and soles of my feet are getting new skin, mucus is being constantly discharged from my nose and throat, and I have white powder around the base of my toenails.. and some itchy spots (eczema?) on my fingers and hands seem to come and go. Energy is relatively low, tolerance for exercise is NOT substantial, and my sleep continues to be deep, despite the need to urinate 3-4 times each night.

I feel like abundant health and well being is just around the corner... patience and rest ... patience and rest.

Onto WEEK8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Wishes All,



  1. Way to go! Your blog is quite interesting and I've enjoyed following along. I am just starting out on 811rv and you and your family are great encouragement!

  2. Good for you, Russ! Sounds like things are moving out!