Monday, February 15, 2010

Juice me Up !!

Well into the 9th week LFRV and I am feeling tired most of the time and my hands are breaking out with a rash - just put some coconut oil on them ... they are burning !!!

I have about 0.25 good days a week right now.. which is more that I was having !!!

Good news arrived today.. the company I work for is in Ch11 and we were purchased by another company. Our new company has decided they need me and I received an offer letter from them today !!

Cool stuff - let's get ready to RUMBLE !!!

If I had more time off... I would really let myself HAVE IT.... a juice fast longer than any I have ever done !

For now... I will have to settle for 3 or 4 days this upcoming weekend... unless I feel absolutely fantastic.. then I will try to go to work with it.

I do have to remember... 40+ years of abusive diet and lifestyle have left me in rough shape.. and I have had 2 dental procedures performed in the last 6 months.... I cannot expect to be well tomorrow.

This weekend.. the bald man will be resting and juicing it up !!

Hope you folks all have an outstanding week... I know I will !!!



  1. Ah, gotta love the juice! And congrats on the job. Phew - one less major stress! Glad to hear there's some improvement with you. Hope it continues.

  2. I love the light and refreshing nutritional liquid too..mmmmm juice. I have never done a juice fast, but plan to start implementing a day here and then, building up to multiple days in a row. It's winter here now so I think I will wait for the summer. I use too many calories now trying to keep warm, brrrr Canada ;)

    Congrats on the job, that's great!

    I can admire anyone who has or is doing a juice fast whether it's short or long periods.

    Keep up the superb determination :)

  3. Congrats on the job... Are you feeling relieved? Enjoy your juice.