Monday, February 1, 2010

Day46 - Intoxicating

Today did not start badly. I felt OK this AM.. I exercised and went through the normal routine.

This afternoon at work (even a bit so in the late AM) I felt tired, a bit dizzy.... I seemed drunk ?

My exercise was a bit more intense than the recent past.. but not that much.

I have to assume my body is expelling something quite toxic at this point.. and will rest all I can.. let it pass.

Tomorrow is another day......

Great news.... my dates are finally in !!! I will try them tomorrow.

Meals today as follows:

0900 - 10 soaked dried figs + 4 apples
1200 - 8 bananas
1500 - 3 pears
1800 - 3 mangos + large salad


  1. Ha ~ that's quite the visual! Every once in a while I get vertigo too; it usually arrives on waking up. I used to think it was from having too much fat the day before, but now I associate it more with being dehydrated. Perhaps a little more water intake will help you feel better as you clear out? Take care!

  2. Thanks Kim...great advice - I have just started drinking a quart upon rising.. along with a green juice... this seems to be getting me off to a better start.

    Yesterday AM.. I think I over exercised a bit.. I am not at all ready for the extra acid resistance training can produce... I have to take it easy !!

  3. OH... and the vertigo...yes.. at times .. happens to me.. it was MOST frequent.. however.. when I was still on the SAD full time...!

  4. Ahh. Good for you for figuring it out. That reminds me of something Dr. Graham just said (on VegSource) to an 811 newbie who said he wasn't feeling very good with his workouts (but good otherwise). Basically, the body is likely temporarily directing its energy to housecleaning more than physical fitness. Look at your intuition go! :)

  5. Day 46... Woo hoo!

    How were the dates? Wanna hear all about them!

    I am still enjoying my Barhis although they don't have as much water content as they did when I received them in December.