Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunshine Award

A wonderful gift has been bestowed to us this day from the Berry Boy in N. Fla.

My sons Nick and Seth are big Berry Boy fans and love to eat berry/banana smoothies (banana juice) in the AM.. (especially after I ask them what they think the Berry Boy will be having this morning).. :)

Connie and Christopher have certainly touched our lives these past several months - we are blessed to know them.

I will continue to log our journey along this fruity path to healing - hoping all can learn from the venture - as well as share in the rewards along the way.

Please spread sunshine every chance you get and make this your BEST DAY... ever.



  1. Hey Congrats on the award! I was chosen to receive this fun and cool!

    Very nice blog you have!


  2. Thanks Pam !!!

    We are lucky aren't we ?