Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 Weeks - 42 Days - LFRV - Same Old Song and Dance

Six weeks on the 811rv !!! Whoohoo !!!

I feel about the same.. I have some good days and some "not so good" days... the detox type symptoms continue (mild headache, fatigue, brain fog, cold hands - most prominent).

I have noticed the skin that is just over the top my fingernails (at the top - back of the hand) seems to be peeling off... quite interesting.

The great news is my cravings for SAD have been minimal.. and I am 6 weeks closer to boundless energy and health .. poised to take the spring season by storm !!

I have transitioned to mono eating almost exclusively... except for an occasional smoothie (2-3 per week) and my dinner salads.

My weight is holding between 150 - 155lbs @ 5'11".

I measured urine pH a few times lately in the am... it is always 7.3 that is good news.. I am in the "healing zone".

Today's menu was as follows:

0900 - 10 soaked dried figs + 4 apples
1200 - 9 bananas
1500 - 1.5 Pineapples
1800 - 2 mangos + salad with lettuce, mixed greens, spinach, cucumber, celery, grated carrot and lemon juice

I know the best is yet to come... cannot forget I just had that dental procedure 2 weeks ago... it will take some time to recover from that.

I hope you all make today and your future better...

Eat Well,



  1. Hey Russ, So, has your urine gotten less acidic? Just curious! Thanks!

  2. Good job Russ! 6 weeks is great!

    Love & Sunshine!

  3. Thanks Ladies !!

    And yes Laurie... used to always measure acidic....(5.5 and below)... now it seems to have leveled out over 7.0...!!... that is good... means my alkaline reserves are being replenished WHILE I recover from the dental surgery and healing.... really cool as we know that is quite mineral intensive !!