Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 37 - The Best Sleep Yet

It was 60F here in Dallas last evening - beautiful sleeping weather. With the window open I turned the heat off & nestled in under several blankets clad in boxer shorts and a hoodie.....@ 8:30pm.

12 hours later... (excluding a couple of pee breaks) I awoke as one of our boys climbed into bed with us.

I do not recall a sleep that deep in my adult life ! I am a bit exhilarated this am.... my body is calling for rest right now... that 12 hours is "just what the Dr. ordered !"

I highly recommend a cracked window in the bedroom at night... I used to do this even in upstate NY where I grew up.. nothing like deep breathing that fresh air and waking to the distinguished scent of morning freshness.

Everyone out there get your rest, fresh air, and make today one of your BEST !!!!


  1. Hey Russ! I had forgotten about your blog but found you again and caught myself up with you. I love reading about your journey. Very inspiring. So glad to hear of your and your family's improvements. Thanks for taking the time to write!

  2. 12 Hours!!! I'm jealous. And I'm with you on leaving the window open for fresh air.