Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LFRV - Day19 - Tooth out tomorrow

Today is day19 on my latest 811RV stretch. I have been eating more and exercised a bit harder on Monday. I slept very soundly last pm - did not want to get outta bed this am - but do not feel badly right now.

I have been keeping my caloric intake @ 2600+ calories. My weight initially started to go up - but has since leveled between 150-155.

Tommorrow @ 1030 I will be getting my last root canaled tooth extracted. It is in the top front - I am a bit anxious. Will I be able to talk OK - how much will it hurt - how will it look ? I had 3 out on the bottom front last year - and really like the results.

I injured the teeth way back in the 4th grade - I was playing in the snow and slipped - smashing my teeth into some poor girls head ! It snapped my top front tooth half off... and apparently the trauma damaged the lower ones (as I would find out when they abcessed 10 years later).

I have had several root canals performed on these 4 teeth.. and the last time they were worked on - the dentist ground them off below the gums - installed a steel post and mounted porcelain crowns on them. I cannot be sure - but do believe the teeth have been contributing to my health issues over the years - I want them out !!

81 more days to go for my first 100 consecutive living the 811RV lifestyle - I feel like hope and new found health are just on the horizon!!

Have a great day !!!!


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