Thursday, January 7, 2010

Root Canaled Tooth extracted today

I now have no metal fillings or root canals in my mouth. This final extraction (the 4th of 4) seems to have gone quite well. I am in virtually no pain after resting earlier this afternoon. I felt good enough to attend a funeral service - although was a bit concerned about seepage... (ewwww!!)...

It may be my imagination - but the moment the tooth started to be loosen for removal - I started to feel better. I can breathe easier ! Hopefully this trend will continue !

Upon completion of the procedure the dentist noticed the root tip of the tooth was black. He showed it to me - indeed - very dark. He mentioned to never have seen that before. I cannot be sure at this point why it may be - but am sure I am better off without a blackening tooth root in my head ??

Do not overlook "dental nightmares" as a source of your anguish - it may be something to consider.

Best Wishes to all seeking health.


  1. I'm glad to hear it's been a not-too-painful day, dentally speaking. It is a relief to have the work done when needed, but I admit to being happier heading out of the dental chair rather than in. :)

  2. A bit anxious headed in... almost always - agreed. I am continuing on this LFRV healing journey.. today @ 3 weeks.

    Congrats on your recent 5 weeks contiguous - GREAT work !

    Thx for the words Kim !