Sunday, January 3, 2010

Was I Starving ?

I started to monitor my diet more closely ~ 3 weeks ago using nutridiary. I was only consuming 1600-2000 calories per day.

I would hate to think I have been starving myself for the past year...? :~(

I am 5'11" ... ~ 155 lbs and moderately active. I am going to start consuming 2600+ calories per day.

Yesterday I had 3200 and feel stronger today.

Here is what today will look like.. the fruit and exercises will vary day to day... but this is fairly consistent with my new plan.

I walked 6 miles, always play with the kids, and rebounded for 20 minutes (total). I plan to get back to the gym prior to summer.

4 big apples w/ 1/2 head lettuce in a smoothie

4 dates

9 bananas w/1/2 bunch spinach in a smoothie

1 papaya (not sure of weight - am guessing ~ 1.5 lbs)

6 oranges and 1 romaine heart, 2-3 celery stalks

20-25 "raw" soaked almonds

Adds up to 2600 calories.... 86/8/6 ratio....

Like many before me... I failed to appreciate the warning associated with consuming enough food.

I am really looking forward to some lasting energy !!!

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  1. Long life to your blog Russ !
    Using nutridairy helped me a lot at the beginning, i was eating to low too.