Saturday, January 9, 2010

1 week's provisions - a formula for healing

Folks may be surprised at the volume of food required when they first start consuming it "naked" (fruits, greens, nuts/seeds).

RawMom just came back from the grocery store - we should be about set for 5-7 days.

125 bananas, 90 oranges, 20 grapefruit, 4 pineapple, 40 apples, 2 cantaloupe, 3 mango, 5 lbs frozen berries, 1 lb dates, 1lb dried figs, 2 bunches celery, 6 heads romaine, 2 bunches kale, 3 lbs of baby spinach, 1 lb almonds, 10 avocados, and 5 lbs of carrots.

It is not uncommon for wild animals to consume 20-40% if their own body weight in food each day. Naked food contains much more water and fiber than the SAD - a much larger volume is needed.

Our family consumes ~ 15-20 lbs of fruit per day and 3-4 lbs of greens & vegetables. We easily consume more fresh fruits and vegetables in a week than we used to in 1 year. The nutritional necessity for healing is being provided on a continual basis.

Consider pumping up the volume of "naked" food you consume and start upon your own path to healing today - it is never too late to start living.


  1. Your kitchen looks so colorful now!
    I am enjoying your blog!

  2. Great post Russ, love to see all these fruits !

  3. Thx & Yes... we have re-decorated !! LOL...

    I really like your blog as well Kathleen - good stuff !

  4. I love that photo! Great blog, really inspiring. I have been on my raw journey for about a year and a half. For the past month I've been focusing on lowering my fat intake and upping my fruits. I hope to be 80-10-10 one day soon.

    You may be interested in my blog -

    I'm writing about being raw on the road as I travel the world.