Monday, January 4, 2010

The Terrible Two - Healing

Nick (left) and Seth were both diagnosed with Autism syndrome @ ~ 3 yrs of age.

Nick is affected more dramatically than Seth and was unable to talk at all until this spring (5 years old) and actively stimulates himself by flapping his hands, yelling and running on his toes. Seth has garbled speech and does not seem to interact as well as the other children his age. Both looked sickly, seemed to suffer from allergies, and were not physically strong.

We read a myriad of material on the subject and discovered they were likely suffering from digestive issues and heavy metal poisoning.

Tests confirmed the aforementioned and 20 months of treatment followed (GFCF, Candida, SCD, BED diets all tried - coupled with huge doses of prescription meds and various supplements) - little progress was made (OATS testing confirmed it). We then underwent the first chelation therapy (to purge heavy metals - a chemical is given via IV) - watching 2 nurses and my wife try to hold the boys down 1 by 1 as they repeatedly stuck them with needles was more than I could stand to watch. We began looking for alternatives.

On the way out of the office the Dr. did prescribed yet another antibiotic for the kids as the both had a nasty dose of bacteria in their guts (Clostridium difficile) and warned me about the severity of their infection.

I began looking around the web and chanced across a blog from a lady who had cured herself of Candida overgrowth eating mono fruit. I managed to contact her and began stalking a curezone forum or 2.

Since it was most difficult to believe fruit could heal a dysbiosis issue... I decided to go first (I too was diagnosed with dysbiosis).. and be on fruit only - MONO... see how it goes.

In 2 weeks time I seemed to be getting somewhat better. We did not administer any more prescription medication as recommended by the Dr. We decided at that time to convert to the Raw Diet - fruit based.

Within 1 month we took them back to the Dr to review test results once again. He first asked what we had been doing... of course we asked why..?? Reviewing the test results - they had made great progress - their guts were mending !! We told him we had implemented a fruit based raw vegan diet. He praised us - commenting that he would join us if his wife would do it and also remarked that we would never be sick again... !! (wow).. at this point - we knew we were on the right track... and have not been back to the Dr.

We have waivered a bit over the past year - allowing the kids some cooked vegs and 1 or 2 indulgences at a B-Day party.. but that was it. We have noticed even the cooked vegs seem to adversely affect them.

This year - we hope to keep them all raw ~ 20% fat and hopefully watch some miracles unfold.

Nick is beginning to come out of the autism fog a bit - is talking more and more. Seth has his moments but is doing better than before. Both are stronger - their faces look flush and healthy.

We see "interesting" potty on occasion - a sign the bad stuff is coming out.

Our challenge is to keep them on the raw diet - hoping to let them experience how to love food that loves them back.


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  2. Russ, i had no idea you were facing such a situation with your boys( they look beautiful by the way !! )
    As a mother of 2 too, reading your blog was very emotional.
    I am very admirative of parents, like you or Sarah, who actively search natural solutions and get such results !
    Long to hear more improvement with those 2 sweeties !

  3. That's awesome to hear Russ. Your boys are beautiful. Hopefully with you and your wife also eating this way, your sons will make those choices more easily. Thanks for posting your family's experiences so far ~ it's very encouraging!

  4. Thanks ladies.... I will keep you posted...

    Adeline - you would do the same.. I am sure of it... we all want nothing but the best for our kids... we really want them to have a shot at good health and normal development...

  5. Good for you for being so proactive! Hope it works!

  6. Do you have any information about how much fat a preschooler needs? Dr. Graham's answers are very vague. With our experience I think my son does best on 80/10/10 because he does get candida symptoms with a larger fat %.