Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Close to 3 weeks contiguous on this diet and after eating ~95% raw last year and I find myself less tolerant of violent behavior. Today one of the guys at work just had to show me a youtube video of some guy attempting to burn up his car tires before he took it in to get the tires replaced.

The young man proceeded to rev the motor and drop the clutch ... only to find the clutch slipped and the pressure plate broke into pieces.. striking one witness and another coming through the floor boards and hitting his leg, another piece was projected through the firewall into the bottom of the dashboard!

This fella and those watching could have been seriously injured.

A couple of years ago... I would have certainly found this quite entertaining, and likely yukked it up with the rest of the guys... all I could muster this time was "that was not too smart - he's lucky no one was killed"....

Is this my age showing... or a reflection of the absence of animal foods in the diet and a less toxic body ??

Likely a little of both..... and I am most pleased with the changes thus far.



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