Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Doc Hudson all better now"

Sweeter words have not been heard !! Our son Nick (autistic) just ran into the room to get me...

Dad..."Da Huson faww off da bed" ... and urged me to follow him...

I asked him what had fallen off the bed?

"Da huson"... (still puzzled.... began looking around the room)...

I looked under the bed to find this little car - Doc Hudson - from the movie Cars.....

Ah Ha !!!!

As I returned to the family room - I heard Nick exclaim... "Da Huson all better now"....

Many of you may know that Nick did not utter a single word until last spring.. and his ability to interact was poor (coincidentally we started transitioning to raw foods in Nov. '08).

The situation described above used to manifest itself with an "autistic meltdown".. whereby Nick would cry, yell, flap his hands and run on his toes.... you had really no idea what was the matter.

He has a long ways yet to go... but watching him heal and improve is nothing short of magical... we are committed to help him achieve his very best.

Blessings all - make a good one !!


  1. i can feel what an improvment it is. You seem to be on the right road Russ !

  2. Wow. My heart is bursting with happiness along with you.



  3. This is wonderful. ♥ Thank you for sharing your joy!